CLIC Tobacco Mix of 4 Flavors Pack of 4 Pods


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Clic Tobacco Mix Pods. available in 50mg nicotine and pod size 1.5 Ml. each pod gives approx 400 puffs. Pre-filled pods no need to charge or refill

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CLIC Tobacco Mix

  • 50mg (5% nicotine)
  • Pack of 4
  • 1.5ml Pods


Clic Vape, one of the famous closed system vape devices in Kuwait. it has the biggest variety of falvours as a closed system. clic pods come in pack of 4 pods that are pre-filled and ready for use. no need to charge or refill the clic pods. and, clic vapor starter kit is one of the alternative devices to cigarettes. has a small size that you can carry it wherever you go


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