Novo Grape 600 puffs 2% – No ice


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Novo Grape 600 puffs 2% – No ice. the only disposbale vape without ice, only novo grape with natural flavor and pure taste. gives up to 600 puffs


Novo Grape 600 puffs 2% – No ice

  • Pack of 1 disposable novo bar
  • 2% nicotine level
  • Gives up to 600 puffs
  • Enhanced flavor to give you best taste ever
  • Pod size 3Ml that gives you the maximum level of puffs
  • Anti-Leak technology
  • Manufactured by Smok tech & JDI
  • Internal battery 600mAh

Novo vape disposable, came from collaboration between 2 companies Smok tech & JDI. A powerful performance disposbale cigarette.available in lot of amazing flavors like; Grape mint, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon, blueberry and lot of best vape flavors. enhanced with very strong internal battery 600mAh, disposable vape that no need to charge or refill.


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