Iqos Iluma One Pebble Grey Color


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Iqos Iluma One Pebble Grey Color. using technology of smart core that called induction system. compatible with Terea heets. enhanced with internal battery 1728 mAh


Iqos Iluma One Pebble Grey Color

  • Charging port type: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 121.6 x 30.6 x 16.4 mm
  • Weight: 91 g / 3.2 oz
  • Battery capacity: 1728 mAh
  • Consecutive uses: 20
  • Uses per full charge: 20
  • Charging time: 1h 30m
  • Heating temperature: 350 °C (660 °F)
  • Heating method: Smart core induction
  • Heating time: 20 sec
  • Sticks type: Terea
  • Session length: 6 minutes or 14 puffs



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